Tours in Luxor

Full Valley of Kings/Queens & Deir El Bahari in Luxor

8 hours

Today, we will start a little bit early to avoid the midday sun, crossing the Nile to the west bank of Luxor, passing by the famous valley of the kings where the great pharaohs of the New Kingdom along with same their courtiers High Priests, Army generals were buried. Sixty-two tombs and twenty unfinished pits have been found here. First king buried here was Amonhotop I 1550 B.C. Many kings & queens of various dynasties ordered to have their tombs carved in the rock-faces of the valley so as to safeguard them against grave robbers. Tombs are composed of several rooms & corridors leading to the burial chamber. We will have three tombs to see with your ticket, “Tutankhamen is not included”. Valley of the queens, in ancient times it was called “The Place of Royal Children and Wives. It was used in the new kingdom as the burial place for several royal wives, princesses and princesses. Three tombs are open today; two belong to two sons of Ramses III and one of the 20th dyn, probably the wife of Ramses III. Temple of Deir El-Bahary, one of the most memorable panoramas in Thebes in the approach to the beautiful temple of Queen Hatashepsut, some very important carvings on the walls of the temple that include the famous expedition to Punt land “ probably Somalia “ and the carvings in the two chapels of Aunbis & Hathor. On our return journey, we will stop at the clossi of Memnon – two gigantic statues sitting representing one of the Kings of Anceint Egypt facing the Nile.

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