Tours in Luxor

Full day Karnak & Luxor Temples in Luxor

8 hours

In the early morning, we will drive to the temple of Karnak , no site in Egypt is more impressive that Karnak. Champollion, the French man who first deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs described it as “so vast and so grandiose” that the Egyptians must have designed it for “men one hundred feet high”. Karnak complex is the largest temple complex ever built by man, it's considered the greatest place of worship including many singular temples.  It covers an area of two square kilometers “1.6 square miles” The temple of Amon-Rc Karnak’s principle building is the largest religious structure ever built.   In the afternoon we will visit the temple of Luxor. In ancient times, religious processions moved between the karnak temple complex and Luxor temple along a 2.5 Kilometer long paved avenue of Sphinxes, that we can see about 70 Sphinxes of them in front of the temple. The processions representing the sacred marriage of god Amun Ra to goddess Mut, their marrage was celebrated every year by moving the sacred boats carrying the status of the Gods status from Karnak to Luxor temple. The temple of Luxor was built by two of the great pharaohs of ancient Egypt Amenhotep III 1400 B.C “probably” father or grandfather of Tutankhamon and the great Ramses II 1200 B.C, Ptolomics Romans, Copts, and Muslims added to the temple as well.

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