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Holidays To Fayoum

Oasis, Egypt
    • Fayoum is one of the governorates of Egypt in the middle of the country located about 81 mi (130 km) south west of Cairo. only an hour and 15 minutes drive, with a year round moderate weather, is one of Egypt’s 7 oases. Home to several attractions from different eras from Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic, to sand dunes, palm trees, lakes and valleys, wild animals, bird species. It’s a land of unspoiled nature & rich history, a place worth discovering!

      Most Popular Attractions:
      Wadi El-Hitan (Valley of Whales) Protected Area​ 

      -Maidum Pyramid

      -Tunis Village​

      -Gabal El-Medawara

      -Magic Lake

      -Wadi El-Rayan Protected Area​

      -Qatrani Mountain

      -Qasr Qaroun

      -Qasr El-Sagha Temple

      -Lake Qaroun

      -Karanis (Kom Oshim)

      -Dimet El-Sebaa​​


      Bird Watching -Sand-boarding-Camping- Camel Trekking & Horse back-riding -Fishing-Hiking 

      Glazed Pottery
      Palm Products
      Carpets & Kilims
      Silk Carpets
      Zad El-Mosafer
      Sobek Camp​

      • Magic Lake Package

        Magic Lake Package

        City: Fayoum
        • Duration: 2 Days / 1 Night
        • Start Date: Monday, January 1, 2018
        • End Date: Monday, December 31, 2018
        500 L.E per person